About TVGG

Brooke Haydon

Owner & Founder 

Raised on two acres, I cultivated a love for nature through activities like horseback riding and participating in my local 4-H club. 

After being unexpectedly laid off in May 2022, I redirected my energy into researching optimal gardening techniques for the unique climate of the Treasure Valley. 

By July of that year, I had acquired all the essential knowledge about soil amendment, garden planning/maintenance, and proper pruning techniques suited for our 6b/7a grow zone.

This journey sparked the inception of Treasure Valley Garden Guru, and throughout the past year, I've had the privilege of assisting numerous clients in planning, preparing, and planting their dream gardens.

Honing these skills has been the key to TVGG's perennial success, ensuring both my clients and I enjoy bountiful harvests year after year throughout the Summer and Fall seasons.

This year, let's embark on a gardening journey together, cultivating not only a thriving garden but also a deeper connection to nature.

 Book a call today and join me as we sow the seeds for a bountiful and beautiful 2024!

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