About Me

Brooke Haydon

Owner & Founder 

  Growing up - I lived on two acres, rode horses, and participated in my local 4-H group showing chickens at the county fair. 

All my life, I've worked in a variety of customer-facing roles because I genuinely love helping others and offering my assistance whenever possible.

   In May 2022, I was unexpectedly laid off from my remote sales position. Between applying to new jobs, I focused on researching the best methods to grow produce in the Treasure Valley. 

By July, I had taught myself how to appropriately amend the soil, perform routine garden maintenance, properly nurture starter plants, and harvest incredible produce throughout the Summer and Fall!

I established Treasure Valley Garden Guru after witnessing firsthand how gardening helped my mental health, boosted my self-confidence, and kept me grounded during a highly tumultuous time in my life.   

I look forward to helping other locals in the Treasure Valley grow their own beautiful produce at home!

As the old saying goes,

 "The best time to start [a garden] was yesterday. 

The next best time is now!"

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